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I found a easter egg :D

i found the second opening... i had no idea there was even one =3
if you want to view it then if you click the cloud in the top right corner instead of clicking start it should appear, if you all knew about this... well... i didnt =P

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Really really good...

i loved it, the kirbys were awsome... but i would add sound to it to make it seem better but apart from that it was superb ^-^

really good start.

it flowed really well and the sound came in at the right time i think, but it could have used a background.

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I think its glitched...

Dont get me wrong its a fantasticly fun game to play! but i dont know if its just mine but everytime you create a level there are loads of doors and unlock pads everywhere, is it just mine or do others have this glitch too?

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I pushed K... for 1 hour!!!

AND I DIDNT GET A MEDAL 'O' not amused... although i did just get a rubber, put it on the k on the keyboard and watch fresh prince of bel air but STILL!!! i even removed it when the hour was up when it told me to remove it ¬¬

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everything hurts

it hurts my eyes, head and brain and for those reasons it is a fantastic game :D

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Brilliant music!

i would love this on my Ipod!

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cool music!

i would love this on my Ipod!

DJ-HappyFace responds:

Download and put it on lol :)

brilliant music!

i love all Your music... enough said!

Evil-Dog responds:

Haha nice man, more is coming :)

'If I where Kira you'd be dead now' - L

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